BMW X3. Body repair. Ремонт кузова.

The quarter panel replacement.
Замена заднего крыла.

Ремонт кузова Ремонт машин Ремонт кузова и сварка
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Aakash Buttanda
He is not a mechanic he is car doctor amazing work always
Afifi N.
Master craftsman. Salute.
gareth mayfield
Master craftsman. love watching you work, thanks
Mark L.G
I learned so much by you. Thanks
İlyas Baraç
Bu adam ustaysa bizimkiler ne ? Eline sağlık ustam 👍👏👏👏
Денис Ганин
Мастер молодец.А те коментаторы что пишут что машина утиль не совсем адекватные.Большая часть машин ездищая по нашей стране давно утиль по состоянию кузова или общему состоянию.
Roy Escobedo
I like how you do your body work. It's perfect.
Alberto domingo Esquivel
Yo chapa también ago y pintura muy bueno tu vídeos el trabajar
Luis Morales
Muy buen trabajo soy de Chile 🇨🇱 felicitaciones por el buen trabajo
Kto ogląda z Polski?
Minitruck Garage Daihatsu Piaggio
His work is Always perfect !
Vento Vr6
That's incredible, better like magic! My greatest respect for such work! 👌🏻
Carlos Alberto Jacque Sepúlveda
Buenísimo felisitaciones al milímetro sin detalle
0987754 9086
In mother Russia the car repairs You
Артур ты красавчик Хорошо делаешь Базару нет 👑👑👑👌👌👌
troy dalpiaz
Hey comrade'good work from superpower
Arthur best fixer in the world i love teaching him making these cars much love can i come work with you 😎
Chris Maddox
Amazing work. Thanks sharing for the video. Thank you.
Ricardo Rodrigues de Oliveira
You and @Paulão Funileiro in Brazil are my teachers! Very nice job! Thanks for share so good knowledge!
Daniel Foster
Excellent work... I've just subscribed
michael mixon
I truly enjoy your videos and craftsmanship!!!
You are a clever man..

ты умный человек
Amazing. This is pure craftsman techniques.
Wjsv Djsgs
He is not tinker sem
Won computer .
Peter de Groot
Artist ! I really admire your work Arthur..
денис дударев
молодец артур) офигенно делаешь ты бог своего дела)
Ax Cn
So the lesson is: never buy a second car from russia!
I love your work and love to see broken vehicles become new. however i would also love to hear the machine and tools sounds rather than music.
Gary Low
Absolutely fantastic job Thankyou for sharing with us all my friend
Obviously an experienced panel beater.
Agustin Marotta Guzman
Good job greetings from Venezuela!!
Riga Style
Ну сейчас понятно откудо Такие машины появляются как будто никогда в жизни в аварии не попадали...
rick gregoire
You have a nice touch,Arthur.I enjoy your videos and learn something at the same time.Winner,winner ,chicken dinner!
Bilal Ahmed
Pretty sweet, your a genius when it comes to bodywork !
Brother, your work is so good that I'm afraid to buy a car from you!
Pablo Garcia Vasquez
Nice job.
very nice job as usual master Tussik!
kuda besi
The most talented mechanic in the world... good job Arthur
Lasse Kviesgaard
Perfection Arthur 👌🏻
хуй увидишь где косяк молодец!
Санитар Леса
У мужика дар от всевышнего !
Aliff aliff
Great man with great technical skill..
Muizzuddin Fitri
Smooth work...nice job
Artur you're very great body man! Thank you for translating your videos for us...
а потом скажут машина не участвовала в дтп
Rodrigo RRC
Parabéns. Belo trabalho. 🇧🇷
stewart humphreys
Nice work Arthur... Good as new :)
Nishanth R Gowda
Wooaahhh🤯🤯🤯 The surgeon of Exotics you are ❤️
You Tube
Золотые руки, хороший канал. По больше бы ПОДПИСЧИКОВ.
BMW R1200 RT
Car crash compilation - Rusia
Car Repair compilation - Rusia
Billiard...he he
Dan Daniel
You are amazing man. Great works !!!!
Daniel Osdinia
First class job. Well done!
Prince Mathew
This man needs no help from any helper.... alone he does all tasks.. great job 👍
Justin Key
are you chris fix, father? 😂
Jrytsray jerry
Your hands skills is amazing,.... God's blessed you.
Aqib Huda
This man can start his own BMW 👌
Boris Madrid
Arthur ,Excelente reparacion .saludos desde El salvador.
Aree Aree
Good pair of hands n talented mindset. Repair n restored excellent job. Thanks for the vids Arthur. I Learnt alot.
Excellent work. Absolutely outclass
Lickit Muschi
A great pleasure to watch a real Professional doing his work!
Eigentlich Normal
Really good job! Best regards from Germany
Я таких жестянщиков называю Церетели. Отличная работа, лайк подписка
Oscar Rivas
Amazing the amount of work that goes into undoing the force of a crash. Great job man!
Florian Dethloff
With stolen Cars from Germany!!!
nader achkar
amazing worke.....thank you for this videos !
Lasse Willken
Arthur, you‘re the man!
James Ryan
Wow....amazing. the great work of art. I wish I would bring my car to your garage
I wish I had your knowledge. Awesome!
David Stapley
Great work , quality and skilled craftsman .
Jasmin Feher
had thousand of BMW-s im hands Daily Drives Lada
You need to move to dubai and repair all those supercars that the arabs crash.
Raff Time
As always great job 👍🏼👍🏼
I am very curious how much will he charge for an amazing work like that???
stalker Linux
r u using the TIG weld process
Vasiliy Persov
Уважаю людей ,которые могут сделать и научить.
Не пойму только почему не купить хамелеон,а постоянно поднимать маску?
Great job, Ivan! Thanks for the video. Respect from the UK!
fortnite reporter
You are wonderful man.I like you.
very nice!! good skilled man!!!
Sam Nightcore
Respect from the philippines...🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Radu Malica
May God bless you Arthur. You are truly a craftsman of body repair. I hope you have kids that can learn from you this profession.
Great video. Thanks Arthur from the U.K. 👍
Mark Kauffmann
Part Craftsman, part artist, part magician with that hammer! Very impressive.
And the bill was only $500. Amazing!
Alberto domingo Esquivel
Pintor busco trabajo muy buenos trabajo
Simply amazing!!!!💪💪💪💪 I am officially a lifetime fan of this incredible man!!
Александр Александров
Вы молодец качественный ремонт!!!!! Жестянщик уровень бог)))
emad hamdy
Great work
You are the Man
Very professional repair job
Frank Y
Wow unbelievable this guy is amazing. Great job.
Fernando.saraiva Saraiva
Simplesmente Arte,parabéns amigo
Terry Stearns
Now I sell it as though it was never wrecked.. Anyone for a slightly used BMW. Although I must say this man is very talented at what he does.
Василий 2020
Чат Телеграмм,создана для обмена информацией для BMW, встречи, проблемы,тест-драйв,тюнинг,гонки...
@ bmw_chat_rus
Umer Ahmed
The work is just amazing
I doff my cap to you sir. Brilliant recovery of that BMW.
Anything is possible if you just believe
Zulfikar Ali
عاشت ايدك شغل الا بشدة 😍 😍✌️
Came krash4i 😍✌️
Jose Martinez
Your hands are magic,amazing here spain.💪💪
You have mad skills. Wow